Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Killing time in the Manga Kissaten!

Hey hey hey!

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted since last week ish! The reason is that because my company is on holiday for a week, I don't have access to the internet!

That's where Manga Kissatens (or Mangaki in short (or Mancs if you're a Mancunian like me)) come in! You become a member (about 300 yen) and you can go into one of the booths (by yourself) or get a slightly bigger one if there's two or more people and then use the internet, watch tv or just read comic books. There's also free drinks with unlimited refills so it's a pretty good deal! Some of the computers are a bit old here but some of them are brand new and can play the latest games at high resolutions!

You usually check in and get a receipt of the time you enter, and then you just pay when you leave. Here the price options are something like 300 yen for the first hour and then it goes up incrementally every 30 minutes.

There are also time packs which are 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and then a "night pack" which usually means you get 8 hours starting from around midnight for about 1500 yen.

If you are like me and you need the internet to search out places to buy things, these mancs are pretty convenient! Of course, if you come here everyday then it does start to get a bit pricey and you should consider just getting your own internet.

I'm at a place called Kaiteki Club, which is about 5 minutes from my place by bike.

the place I go to doesn't quite look like this but it's basically the same!

My time is about to come to 2 hours so I better get going now!

I'll try to upload some photos of this place when I get chance!

Bye for now!


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