Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Photos of my company (Marutaka Techno)

I'm back again already! Wasn't that quick ;)

Did you have a look at the photos from around Yaizu? If you haven't then please click here!

Now that you've seen where I'm living, I'd like to show you photos from my workplace. I could explain my job but as they say (I think..) a picture paints a thousand words. So without further ado..

So this is the main entrance of Marutaka Techno Ltd. (Ignore the skinny whippet in blue! It's only me!)
I look a bit constipated in this photo (I probably was!) but you can see that I can get away with fairly casual attire!
It's not a massive company but it's substantial with a decent set of financial figures
This is the scene of 440 foot massage machines being packed into a container ready to be shipped to Moscow!
Well, I thought they might need a bit of a push to start them off!
The value of finished products stored here is staggering!
You can see a lady behind working on one of the "Celevita" foot massage machines. It takes a good 10 days or so to make it from start to finish.
The assembly area is pretty messy but they do get a lot of work done!
This is where I work! The desk behind and to the left is that of the executive director so I always get a lot of good information every day!
 So that just about wraps it up!

I'm sorry for appearing in so many of the photos with my ugly mug but my boss insisted that I be in all of them! The photos probably didn't go such a long way to explaining in detail what I do but I'll try to cover that in a later post!

See ya!


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